Monday, May 10, 2010

Script Reservation Guidelines and Revisions

Since I have taken the liberty of assuming management of Script Reservations for the community, I have implemented a few guidelines to ensure the list is fairly distributed.


Script reservation will be divided into much smaller ranges than in the past. Few, if any developers, have ever filled the previous norm of 100 “script-wide” slots. In fact, I know of no developer who has even made close to 100 agents.

For this reason, script ranges will now be reserved in sets of 10-25, depending on the scope of your needs.

Proof of Ability, Activity

Proof of ability and production will be required. Too many script ranges are[/were] filled with developers who never created anything.

Henceforth, you cannot request a range unless you have something- a script, preferably an image/sprite/background/screenshot, just about anything- that proves that you are able and actively creating work for the Creatures series. You will not be granted a range until proof-of-ability has been provided.

Proof is very important. Your proof will also be the determining factor in how large a script range you are given. IE: You will not get 100 script slots if you only show me a screenshot of a beach ball.


After one year, if you have failed to create content as you had planned, your script range reservation will be truncated or removed, unless you can once again provide proof that you are still actively developing.

You will not be given warning!!! It is your responsibility to keep up with your script range if you have not released agents. I will not hesitate to simply remove your reservation.

Note: This time limit does not apply to those who have used their reserved range at least once.


You must be able to identify yourself as a member of the community. Provide links to profiles on websites like Creatures Caves, Albia2000, The Creatures Wiki, or Creaturetopia. You will not be given a range unless you can identify yourself as an active member of the community.  Note: The above websites are just examples.  The German and French communities and their respective websites are also perfectly viable for application. :)

Furthermore, if for any reason I e-mail you, and your e-mail is defunct, your range will be deleted or truncated. Please keep an updated e-mail address.


“I had a range! What happened to it?”

I sent out e-mails to all the unidentifiable range holders. If your e-mail address was defunct and no agents could be found bearing your script range, you lost your range. Please keep an up-to-date e-mail address.

“I had a range, and I’ve released agents! What do I do?”

First, let me apologize, secondly, contact me. I’ll restore your range.

“I know someone who has released agents but isn’t on this range!”

Contact me, and I will add them to the range.

“I’ve released agents but don’t have a range!”

Contact me to get one.

“I’m on the list, but I don’t need to be.”

Please contact me so we can free up your range for others.

“I want a range, how do I get one?”

Please ensure that you meet the guidelines listed above.  You must be able to identify yourself in the community and have proof of ability before you will be considered for a range.  If you meet the qualifications, contact me and we will find a range suited to your project scope.


Please understand that I am relying on a mix of memory, intuition, and light research to filter through the script reservations. It is nearly impossible, and unreasonable, for me to track down every agent ever made, decompile or inject it, and identify the script range. If I don’t get a response from attempts at contact, and I don’t know of any of your agents off-hand, I would see no reason to keep your range reserved. My apologies if I accidentally purged your reservation.


For comparison purposes, the old reservations page is HERE.

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  1. hi! how can i register the species number? i didnt find an email-adress! i need a contact! can you pose a comment with the answer? i dont want to publish my email for everybody!