Monday, November 5, 2012

Hardman Norn compared

Another abstract of the Hardman Norn can be found at Creatures Unlimited.


Feels pain, tiredness, sleepiness, crowdedness, fear less strongly.
Feels boredom and anger more.
Feels the ravages of Antigens 0-7 less keenly.
Feels the ravages of Glycotoxin less keenly.
Has a higher threshold for ATP Decoupler's effect on the mitochondrial function organ.  This will not protect this organ from failure in the event of an ATP Decoupler injection or infection.  If the organ dies, the ATP reactions cease to function, and your norn will die too.
Has a higher threshold for coughs and sneezes.
Will become a child, then an adolescent, then a youth, sooner.

The sight of grendels causes Hardmen no fear - the neuroemitter is dormant.

More efficient creation of muscle tissue.
Adrenaline creating fear is dormant.
Anger converting to fear is dormant.
Cyanide reacting with energy is dormant.
ATP Decoupler reacting with ATP is dormant.  Despite this, due to ATP Decoupler's effect on the mitochondrial function organ above, your Hardman Norns are not immune to ATP Decoupler.  
Antigen 0 and 1 reactions are less efficient.

Larger initial concentration of muscle tissue.
More antibodies at birth.
Has an initial concentration of anger.

Gets a small amount of Anger from Disappointment
More anger, less fear, pain and wounded from being hit by a creature.
Less wounded and fear from being slapped by the hand.
Slightly less anger reduction from slapping, but they react to having hit with the idea that perhaps they should hit again.  (At no intensity).
I am quiescent causes more boredom and more hunger for starch.
I have rested causes more boredom, more hunger for starch, and reduces tiredness slightly more.
Object is approaching is dormant.
Travelling is less tiring for Hardman Norns.
Hearing a creature speak makes a Hardman angry (as opposed to slightly reducing anger for civets).
Object is retreating is dormant.

Played with toy reduces boredom less.
Chichi portal also reduces anger.

Chichi portal instincts
Home is the Grendel Jungle.

The Hardman Norn forms the basis, paradoxically enough, of the Banshee Grendels.

Please find the full gene compare here.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bondi Norn compared

Another abstract of the Bondi Norn can be found at Creatures Unlimited.

Bondis are slightly hungrier for protein, and slightly less hungry for starch.
Bondis are slightly more susceptible to being tired and sleepy.
Bondis are slightly more susceptible to being crowded, but are less susceptible to being bored.
Bondis anger more slowly than Civets.
The receptor for progesterone is set higher for involuntary action 1 - giving birth.  Bondi Norns have a slightly later 'due date' than other norns.  This gene is also repeated in the Treehugger Norn.

A Bondi Norn breathes twice as often as a normal norn.
Comfort emitter is dormant.
A higher threshold for progesterone.  This gene is not repeated in the Treehugger Norn.
A lot of their emitters for Stress and Stress due to the three hungers and tiredness and sleepiness are dormant.

Bondis are not frightened, crowded, and do not experience an adrenaline rush when they see a grendel.

Reactions associated with the fight or flight organ are dormant.

Half life:
Half-life for progesterone is 51 instead of 50.

Becomes crowded, instead of angry, when slapped.  Is less fearful when slapped, suffers more pain, but receives less Wounded toxin.
Less wounded from being slapped by the Hand.
Slapping others is not as efficient at reducing anger as in the Civets.  Bondis become more crowded, not less, when they slap, and are slightly more tired out by the effort.
Being patted by others does not reduce anger as efficiently.
Doing nothing (being quiescent) makes a Bondi more tired and less crowded, instead of bored and cold.  Doing nothing also reduces their pain slightly better than for other norns.
Resting makes Bondis slightly more bored and slightly hungrier for starch, but resting does not reduce their tiredness as efficiently.
Sleeping is slightly less efficient at reducing tiredness and sleepiness, but slightly more efficient at reducing crowdedness.
Bondis get a bit more tired when they 'get'.
Bondis do not fear wallbonking, nor are they wounded as much by the experience.
Bondis are not hurt as much when they land after a fall.
When Bondis eat a critter, they receive about three times more hunger decrease, but only a slightly higher amount of fat when they eat a critter.
When Bondis play with weeds, they find the weeds slightly reduce boredom (but still injure them).
When Bondis play with plants, they find that plants slightly reduce boredom (but weeds do this better).
Bondis find that pushing or getting machines isn't as interesting as a Civet Norn would find machinery to be.
Bondis find that as soon as they meet another norn, their loneliness is reduced, but also their crowdedness is raised instantaneously.
Bondis are capable of finding a little companionship and become less tired when they play with a toy.
Chichi portal stimulus.

Instinctively seek out critters rather than food when hungry for fat.
Do not instinctively run from Grendels when afraid.
Do not instinctively swear to let off steam when angry.
Do not instinctively hit grendels when angry.  This has been changed to a dormant instinct to push toy when angry.
Do not instinctively push lifts when bored.
Do not instinctively push machinery when bored.
Do not instinctively push button when bored.
Do not instinctively walk home when in need of comfort.
Do not instinctively push tools when bored.
Chichi portal instincts.

Fight or Flight organ is dormant, as are the reactions associated with it.

Please find the full gene compare here.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chichi Norns compared

The Chichi genome was used for the Astro, Fallow, Harlequin, and Siamese Norns as well, and forms the basis of many of the other breeds released by Creatures Labs as well.  Another abstract of the Chichi genome can be found at Creatures Unlimited.

They are not as sensitive to the wounded toxin.  Stress increases the chance of mutation in their offspring's genes.  They have a reduced susceptibility to antigens and glycotoxin.

They walk differently when aroused or when drunk.

Toxins and antigens decay faster.

When norns are hit, or when they fall, or wallbonk, they recieve less of the wounded toxin.

They have a higher concentration of antibodies at birth.

They have "Ac6" - "I have teleported", which is used by the DS portals.  This wipes out their boredom, crowdedness, and pain. They have instincts to use portals when bored, crowded or in pain as well.  While it is a very strong stimulus, it takes time to work fully - this explains why when you get cute norns warping in via portal, they often just stay for long enough for you to catch a glimpse of them before warping right out again.  Try the Dummy Portal if you'd like to see this in action without losing all of your norns to the warp.

Chichis have an instinctive affinity for machinery - such as the Holistic Learning Machine or Portal Dispensor - rather than tools, which is what the C3 powerups are called.

The full gene compare can be downloaded at Exploring the Ark.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Desert Ettin compared

This is an overview of the significant genes which distinguish the Desert Ettin from the Civet Norn. Another abstract of the ettin genome can be found at Alien's Creatures.

*The Desert Ettin does not have a fight or flight organ, or the genes associated with the fight or flight organ in norns, adrenalin does not increase their fear or anger. (Errata: Originally I had this as the Gonad organ.  Thank you, Grendel Man!)

*Anger and loneliness have no meaning to the Desert Ettin.  It decays instantaneously in their systems.

*The Desert Ettin's Central Nervous System is generally more sensitive to fluctuations in its drives. (Except hunger for starch).

*Genes associated with mating switch on at adult, not youth, as in norns.

*The Desert Ettin is born with more baby fat (glycogen, muscle tissue, adipose tissue), a higher concentration of antibody 1 and ettin nitrate, but without antibodies 3 - 7.

*The Desert Ettin does not have genes breaking down antigens 3 - 7 into antibodies and their side effects.  The Desert Ettin is only susceptible to antigens 0 - 2.

*The ettins possess neuroemitters making them crowded and fearful and giving them a shot of adrenalin in the presence of norns and grendels. Ettins have a more fearful response to grendels than norns do, but are even more scared of norns than they are of grendels!

Half life:

*Ettins have a higher half life of adipose tissue.
*The half life of arousal potential is almost doubled from Civets, up to 78 from 47.
**The half life of arousal potential in the Civets equates to 5.2 seconds, and the new value in the ettins is over 2.1 minutes.
*The unused chemicals 14, 44, 49, 50, 185 and 186 have had their half-lives set to 0.
*Alcohol's half-life is increased to 79 from 68.
**2.1 minutes instead of 28.1 seconds.
*The half lives of antigens 3- 7 and their corresponding antibodies have been set to 0.
*Coldness decays faster in ettins' bodies, in 8.6 seconds.
*The half-life of loneliness and anger has been set to 0, down from 64 and 65 respectively for the Civets.
*The half life of sex drive for the Ettins is almost doubled, up to 73 from 46.
**1.1 minutes, up from 5.2 seconds.

*Ettins are slightly more efficient at extracting amino acid and glucose from protein and starch.
*Ettins are slightly less efficient at converting glucose into glycogen.
*Fever toxin breaks down to cause stress and hotness.
*Antioxidant + CO and ATP Decoupler + Medicine One and ATP Decoupler + ATP and prostaglandin breakdown reactions are mutable, duplicable, and delete-able.
*After the youth life stage, stress reacts with the life chemical to deplete stress and shorten the lifespan.

*Ettins get more bored when they are disappointed.
*Ettins get crowded, not angry, when they are hit.
*Ettins do not get wounded when the hand slaps them, and suffer less fear and pain.
*Hitting others increases crowdedness (it decreases crowdedness for norns) and also increases fear.   Does nothing with anger.
*When they hit a wall, their reaction is to look at the wall, rather than retreat from the wall, as in norns.
*They do not recognise opposite sex tickles as creating arousal potential and reducing loneliness and crowdedness.
*They do not have the 'swearing lets off steam' gene.
*Doors and lifts give stimuli from babyhood.
*Getting a machine obliterates boredom and comfort and slightly reduces crowdedness.
*Being at home reduces fear and pain, as well as removing 'comfort' and making them slightly bored.
*Being hit has significantly less wounded attached to it.


*The Desert Ettin instinctively runs from norns when frightened.

*They know how to use lifts and dispensers from an earlier life stage.

*They run from grendels when crowded.

*They approach ettin home when scared.

*They instinctively get gadget when bored.

*They instinctively approach ettin home when tired.

*They instinctively drop gadgets when tired.

**These two probably work together.

*They instinctively both approach and run from grendels when afraid.

*They instinctively approach norns when crowded.

*They do not approach norn when lonely, or express themselves to norns when angry, or hit grendels when angry.

*They do not push lifts, machinery, buttons, toys or tools when bored.

Please find the full gene compare here.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jungle Grendel compared

Moe has allowed me to join the Creatures Development blog, and I'll be walking you through some gene compares of the major species and breeds in Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

This is an overview of the significant genes which distinguish the Jungle Grendel from the Civet Norn.  Another abstract of the grendel genome can be found at Alien's Creatures.

Several receptors for diseases are not present in the grendel genome - giving grendels no consequences for carrying some of the antigen-laden bacteria.  Typhoid Fig!

Grendels experience an adrenalin rush whenever they see a norn, but experience no fear or crowded sensations.

Half life of adipose tissue is infinite.
Half life of chemical 14, 44, 49, 50, 61, 62, 63, is 0, not infinite.
The half life of arousal potential is almost doubled from Civets, up to 78 from 47. The half life of arousal potential in the Civets equates to 5.2 seconds, and the new value in the grendels is over 2.1 minutes.
Cyanide, belladonna, and geddonase's half-life is 81.
Glycotoxin and fever toxin's half-life is 0 - they decay instantly.
Sleep toxin's half life is 74.
Histamines A and B have a half-life of 72.
Alcohol's half-life is increased to 79 from 68, lasting 2.1 minutes instead of 28.1 seconds.
ATP Decoupler's half life is 73, slightly longer than for norns.

Disappointment makes a grendel angry.
When a creature slaps them, they respond with a slap, and a higher concentration of anger to fear and pain.
When the hand slaps them, they respond with a slap, and are not wounded, instead suffering anger, fear, pain and punishment.
Hitting gives them the idea that they should hit again, reducing their crowdedness more efficiently than the civet.
If you pat them, they will respond by approaching you, but a tickle will not reduce their anger.
Creatures patting them does not reduce their loneliness or fear.
Detritus contains half as much glycotoxin.
Alcohol isn't as effective at reducing boredom, but is almost twice as alcoholic.
Travelling stimuli (using doors, lifts, buttons) switch on at babyhood.
The Jungle Grendel is the only creature which has the "Hit critter" stimulus, which reduces boredom a little and anger a little more.
The Jungle Grendel is also the only creature which has the "Hit machine" stimulus, which reduces boredom.
The Jungle Grendel has a stimulus for "involuntary action 6", which in C1 was called "Languish", but in C3 is called "Falter" - it gives the grendel an intense hunger for carbohydrates.

Does not recieve reinforcement when they eat seed for hunger for starch, fruit for hunger for protein and food for hunger for fat.
Instead of expressing letting off anger, they prefer to simply hit norn.
They use doors and lifts at an earlier age, but use vendors at a later age.
Does not have instinct to run from grendel when in fear, approach norn when lonely, retreat from norn when crowded, hit grendel when angry, use elevator, machinery, toys, tools, and button when bored, and does not use portals when crowded, in pain, or bored.
Instinct to hit ettin when crowded.
Instincts to hit norns when crowded or in fear.
Instinct to approach norn when lonely.
Instincts to hit gadget and machinery when bored.
Instinct to approach grendel home when sleepy.
Instinct to get creature egg when bored.

Please find the full gene compare here.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments!  See you next time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Foxy Tease!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old Skool! Part 2: Norns, and Grendel!

Let’s peer into the past and take a look at some of my EARLIEST work!!! :D This ought to be properly embarrassing! ;)

Some of my first norn model attempts:

And this one:

I sucked! :D But look at where I am now? Practice practice practice!

Here’s a look at breeds over the years that never were, almost were, and some that have been! Below are Toxic Grendels, Mernorns, Apple Norns, Survivor Norns, and even Otter Norns!

Next post will be about abandoned projects of old!