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Treehugger Norn compared


The Central Nervous System is more sensitive to pain, less sensitive to hunger for protein, hunger for starch, coldness, tiredness, hunger for fat.
More sensitive to sleepiness, receptor for loneliness is dormant, more sensitive to crowdedness, more sensitive to fear, less sensitive to boredom, slower to anger, less sensitive to comfort.

Organs are more susceptible to antigen and glycotoxin-induced injury.

Treehuggers flinch more readily when in pain.  They faint less readily, and are capable of breathing in slightly poorer air quality conditions.  They make the decision to do something about tiredness slightly later than other norns.

The 'Fight' receptor for the Fight or Flight organ is dormant.  The clock rate for the fearly drive overwhelmsion organ is slightly faster.

The Stress System organ has many of its receptors dormant - receptors for stress due to sleepiness, tiredness, hunger for fat, hunger for protein, hunger for starch are dormant.  Treehuggers still have stress due to crowdedness, pain, fear and anger.

They will use their 'scared', 'in pain', or 'injured' walk far sooner than normal norns.


Hunger for fat and protein is less important for treehuggers.  They are less sleepy than other norns.
Loneliness is five times as effective when crowdedness is in their system.
Crowdedness is six times as effective.

Pregnant treehuggers do not feel the need for Comfort.

The expectant Treehugger receives progesterone less frequently (sample rate of 3), but receives slightly more of it (gain of 4) to tide her over and prevent her from miscarrying. This results in a pregnancy of approximately 2 minutes, as opposed to the one minute more typical of other norns, including the Bondi.
The emitters associated with the Stress System receptors above are dormant.  (stress due to sleepiness, tiredness, hunger for fat, hunger for protein, hunger for starch).

The neuroemitter which causes norns to be afraid of grendels by sight is dormant.

Higher concentration of antibodies at birth.

The sole chemical reaction which differs in the Treehugger Norns is that fear toxin gives greater levels of fear.

Half life:

Half life of progesterone is 57, up from 50.
*Approximately doubling the half-life to about 14 seconds, up from 7.
*Results in a 7 or so minute recovery period for the female.
Half life of Cyanide and geddonase is 78, down from 81.
Half life of Belladonna is 79 down from 81.
**2.1 minutes
Half life of glycotoxin is 78 down from 83.
Sleep toxin has been adjusted down to 73 from 74.
Fever toxin is now 79 down from 81.
Histamines A and B are now 70, not 72.
Alcohol lasts longer, from 68 to 73.
**41.8 seconds to 1.1 minutes.
ATP Decoupler has been reduced to 71 from 73.
Carbon Monoxide has been reduced to 72 from 73.
Fear Toxin is now 71, not 72.
Muscle toxin is now 78, not 81.
Antigens 0 1 and 2 are now 73, not 75.
Antigens 3 4 and 5 are now 72, not 73.
Antigen 6 is now 69, not 70.
Antigen 7 is 71, not 72.
Wounded is 60, not 62.
Note that unlike the ettins, Treehuggers have a half-life for loneliness.
Life has been increased to 101 from 99.
**99 is 15 minutes.
**This results in a full potential lifespan of 7 hours and 17 minutes.
Up, Down, Exit, Enter, and Wait have had their half-life reduced to 0 from 38.
*38 is approximately 2 seconds.


When a creature slaps a treehugger, he becomes crowded, not angry, is in more pain, and is more afraid.
Has the Chichi resistance to Wounded.
Hitting is less efficient at reducing anger and boredom, but also less tiring.
Being petted by the hand reduces crowdedness, not loneliness.
Being petted by another creature reduces anger, raises crowdedness, lowers pain and fear.
Being quiescent reduces crowdedness, doesn't raise coldness.
Resting is slightly more boring.
Sleeping is slightly more effective at reducing crowdedness.
Object is approaching is dormant, and gives some fear as well.
I am travelling is slightly more efficient at reducing coldness.
I have approached does not reduce loneliness.
Hearing a creature speak makes them feel crowded, less bored, and slightly afraid. (as opposed to crowded, less lonely, less afraid, and less angry).
Object is retreating is dormant.
Wallbonking frustrates treehuggers, making them angry as well as afraid, in pain and slightly wounded.
Mating reduces crowdedness, not loneliness.  (just you wait until those eggs hatch....)
Hitting the ground causes less wounded.
Being petted by the opposite sex increases crowdedness, does not reduce loneliness.
Eating plant is slightly more efficient, giving more nutrition and more hunger reduction.
Pushing button is slightly less efficient at reducing boredom.
Eating fruit reduces hunger slightly more, but gives the same nutrition.
Eating food gives slightly less nutrition, but is less satiating.
Eating detritus is less painful and gives Histamine A rather than glycotoxin.
Drinking alcohol is less pain-relieving, less boredom-satisfying, and slightly more alcoholic - and gives a small amount of glucose.
Playing with a weed is much less painful, gives sleepase, and reduces boredom.
Playing with a friendly plant reduces crowdedness, boredom, pain and loneliness.
Pushing a critter reduces loneliness, crowdedness, fear slightly and boredom.
Pushing a bug reduces boredom, crowdedness, fear and loneliness.
Pushing a beast reduces pain, fear, crowdedness and loneliness.
Pushing a machine is vastly less entertaining.
Stimulus for getting a creature egg is dormant.
Stimulus for having been hit is more painful, more fear-inducing, less wounded and makes them crowded.
Stimulus for being at home removes comfort, adds boredom, and makes them crowded.
Stimuli relating to travelling (pushing lifts, doors and buttons) are dormant - when a Treehugger pushes one of these, she recieves no chemical response.
Stimulus for being close to another norn's smell increases crowdedness, rather than decreasing loneliness.
Swearing lets off steam is dormant, but reduces fear as well.
Playing with a toy reduces fear slightly.
Portalling removes pain, boredom, crowdedness and loneliness.


Many instincts are dormant, including those relating to lifts, doors and buttons.

Instinct to run from grendel when afraid is dormant
Instinct to approach norn when lonely is changed to a dormant instinct to get flower when lonely - so does nothing.
Instinct to say what you need to another norn when angry is changed to a dormant instinct to hit pest when angry.
Instinct to hit grendel when angry is dormant
Instinct to push lifts when bored has been changed to a dormant instinct to push critter when bored.
Instinct to push machinery when bored has been changed to a dormant instinct to get bug when bored.
Instinct to push button when bored is dormant.
Instinct to push elevators when you want to go up is dormant.
Instinct to pull elevators when you want to go down is dormant.
Instincts to push doors to enter and exit a room are dormant.
Instinct to approach norn home when in need of comfort is dormant.
Instincts to wait when using a door or elevator are dormant.
Instincts to push a toy or tool when bored is dormant.
Instinct to push a vendor when hungry for fat is dormant
Have the Chichi portal instincts.

Additional instincts:

Push critter and bug when bored or crowded
Eat bug when hungry for protein
Get flower when afraid. - As most flowers are ephemeral and unpushable (and 'I have gotten' does not decrease fear in treehuggers) this instinct isn't helpful, unless perhaps the norn in question is also in pain.
Push bug when afraid.

The Treehugger would not have been able to function in the treehouse world of their origin - they could not have climbed up or down their trees!
An earlier summary of this was posted at Creatures Caves, this lead to the creation of some variant Treehuggers.

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