Monday, November 5, 2012

Hardman Norn compared

Another abstract of the Hardman Norn can be found at Creatures Unlimited.


Feels pain, tiredness, sleepiness, crowdedness, fear less strongly.
Feels boredom and anger more.
Feels the ravages of Antigens 0-7 less keenly.
Feels the ravages of Glycotoxin less keenly.
Has a higher threshold for ATP Decoupler's effect on the mitochondrial function organ.  This will not protect this organ from failure in the event of an ATP Decoupler injection or infection.  If the organ dies, the ATP reactions cease to function, and your norn will die too.
Has a higher threshold for coughs and sneezes.
Will become a child, then an adolescent, then a youth, sooner.

The sight of grendels causes Hardmen no fear - the neuroemitter is dormant.

More efficient creation of muscle tissue.
Adrenaline creating fear is dormant.
Anger converting to fear is dormant.
Cyanide reacting with energy is dormant.
ATP Decoupler reacting with ATP is dormant.  Despite this, due to ATP Decoupler's effect on the mitochondrial function organ above, your Hardman Norns are not immune to ATP Decoupler.  
Antigen 0 and 1 reactions are less efficient.

Larger initial concentration of muscle tissue.
More antibodies at birth.
Has an initial concentration of anger.

Gets a small amount of Anger from Disappointment
More anger, less fear, pain and wounded from being hit by a creature.
Less wounded and fear from being slapped by the hand.
Slightly less anger reduction from slapping, but they react to having hit with the idea that perhaps they should hit again.  (At no intensity).
I am quiescent causes more boredom and more hunger for starch.
I have rested causes more boredom, more hunger for starch, and reduces tiredness slightly more.
Object is approaching is dormant.
Travelling is less tiring for Hardman Norns.
Hearing a creature speak makes a Hardman angry (as opposed to slightly reducing anger for civets).
Object is retreating is dormant.

Played with toy reduces boredom less.
Chichi portal also reduces anger.

Chichi portal instincts
Home is the Grendel Jungle.

The Hardman Norn forms the basis, paradoxically enough, of the Banshee Grendels.

Please find the full gene compare here.

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