Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bondi Norn compared

Another abstract of the Bondi Norn can be found at Creatures Unlimited.

Bondis are slightly hungrier for protein, and slightly less hungry for starch.
Bondis are slightly more susceptible to being tired and sleepy.
Bondis are slightly more susceptible to being crowded, but are less susceptible to being bored.
Bondis anger more slowly than Civets.
The receptor for progesterone is set higher for involuntary action 1 - giving birth.  Bondi Norns have a slightly later 'due date' than other norns.  This gene is also repeated in the Treehugger Norn.

A Bondi Norn breathes twice as often as a normal norn.
Comfort emitter is dormant.
A higher threshold for progesterone.  This gene is not repeated in the Treehugger Norn.
A lot of their emitters for Stress and Stress due to the three hungers and tiredness and sleepiness are dormant.

Bondis are not frightened, crowded, and do not experience an adrenaline rush when they see a grendel.

Reactions associated with the fight or flight organ are dormant.

Half life:
Half-life for progesterone is 51 instead of 50.

Becomes crowded, instead of angry, when slapped.  Is less fearful when slapped, suffers more pain, but receives less Wounded toxin.
Less wounded from being slapped by the Hand.
Slapping others is not as efficient at reducing anger as in the Civets.  Bondis become more crowded, not less, when they slap, and are slightly more tired out by the effort.
Being patted by others does not reduce anger as efficiently.
Doing nothing (being quiescent) makes a Bondi more tired and less crowded, instead of bored and cold.  Doing nothing also reduces their pain slightly better than for other norns.
Resting makes Bondis slightly more bored and slightly hungrier for starch, but resting does not reduce their tiredness as efficiently.
Sleeping is slightly less efficient at reducing tiredness and sleepiness, but slightly more efficient at reducing crowdedness.
Bondis get a bit more tired when they 'get'.
Bondis do not fear wallbonking, nor are they wounded as much by the experience.
Bondis are not hurt as much when they land after a fall.
When Bondis eat a critter, they receive about three times more hunger decrease, but only a slightly higher amount of fat when they eat a critter.
When Bondis play with weeds, they find the weeds slightly reduce boredom (but still injure them).
When Bondis play with plants, they find that plants slightly reduce boredom (but weeds do this better).
Bondis find that pushing or getting machines isn't as interesting as a Civet Norn would find machinery to be.
Bondis find that as soon as they meet another norn, their loneliness is reduced, but also their crowdedness is raised instantaneously.
Bondis are capable of finding a little companionship and become less tired when they play with a toy.
Chichi portal stimulus.

Instinctively seek out critters rather than food when hungry for fat.
Do not instinctively run from Grendels when afraid.
Do not instinctively swear to let off steam when angry.
Do not instinctively hit grendels when angry.  This has been changed to a dormant instinct to push toy when angry.
Do not instinctively push lifts when bored.
Do not instinctively push machinery when bored.
Do not instinctively push button when bored.
Do not instinctively walk home when in need of comfort.
Do not instinctively push tools when bored.
Chichi portal instincts.

Fight or Flight organ is dormant, as are the reactions associated with it.

Please find the full gene compare here.


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