Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jungle Grendel compared

Moe has allowed me to join the Creatures Development blog, and I'll be walking you through some gene compares of the major species and breeds in Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

This is an overview of the significant genes which distinguish the Jungle Grendel from the Civet Norn.  Another abstract of the grendel genome can be found at Alien's Creatures.

Several receptors for diseases are not present in the grendel genome - giving grendels no consequences for carrying some of the antigen-laden bacteria.  Typhoid Fig!

Grendels experience an adrenalin rush whenever they see a norn, but experience no fear or crowded sensations.

Half life of adipose tissue is infinite.
Half life of chemical 14, 44, 49, 50, 61, 62, 63, is 0, not infinite.
The half life of arousal potential is almost doubled from Civets, up to 78 from 47. The half life of arousal potential in the Civets equates to 5.2 seconds, and the new value in the grendels is over 2.1 minutes.
Cyanide, belladonna, and geddonase's half-life is 81.
Glycotoxin and fever toxin's half-life is 0 - they decay instantly.
Sleep toxin's half life is 74.
Histamines A and B have a half-life of 72.
Alcohol's half-life is increased to 79 from 68, lasting 2.1 minutes instead of 28.1 seconds.
ATP Decoupler's half life is 73, slightly longer than for norns.

Disappointment makes a grendel angry.
When a creature slaps them, they respond with a slap, and a higher concentration of anger to fear and pain.
When the hand slaps them, they respond with a slap, and are not wounded, instead suffering anger, fear, pain and punishment.
Hitting gives them the idea that they should hit again, reducing their crowdedness more efficiently than the civet.
If you pat them, they will respond by approaching you, but a tickle will not reduce their anger.
Creatures patting them does not reduce their loneliness or fear.
Detritus contains half as much glycotoxin.
Alcohol isn't as effective at reducing boredom, but is almost twice as alcoholic.
Travelling stimuli (using doors, lifts, buttons) switch on at babyhood.
The Jungle Grendel is the only creature which has the "Hit critter" stimulus, which reduces boredom a little and anger a little more.
The Jungle Grendel is also the only creature which has the "Hit machine" stimulus, which reduces boredom.
The Jungle Grendel has a stimulus for "involuntary action 6", which in C1 was called "Languish", but in C3 is called "Falter" - it gives the grendel an intense hunger for carbohydrates.

Does not recieve reinforcement when they eat seed for hunger for starch, fruit for hunger for protein and food for hunger for fat.
Instead of expressing letting off anger, they prefer to simply hit norn.
They use doors and lifts at an earlier age, but use vendors at a later age.
Does not have instinct to run from grendel when in fear, approach norn when lonely, retreat from norn when crowded, hit grendel when angry, use elevator, machinery, toys, tools, and button when bored, and does not use portals when crowded, in pain, or bored.
Instinct to hit ettin when crowded.
Instincts to hit norns when crowded or in fear.
Instinct to approach norn when lonely.
Instincts to hit gadget and machinery when bored.
Instinct to approach grendel home when sleepy.
Instinct to get creature egg when bored.

Please find the full gene compare here.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments!  See you next time!

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