Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apple Norns Released!

Hi all!

I've got an exciting announcement to make... after many years languishing on Moe's harddrive, we dusted off a norn breed hitherto unreleased to the CC! With help from Grendel Man, geneticist extraordinaire, we have a fantastic new breed for you to play with.

Pulled from Moe's archives, these Apple Norns, originally meant to be released with the Canopy, are finally seeing the light of day. You can trace the Apple Norns' ancestry back to the Treehugger norns, though these Norns are very social and love to eat fruit. Their fur is waxy and smooth, making them prefer moist environments. They are at one with nature, and will chase clouds or any kind of weather when homesick. They have a strong immune system; boasting a resistance to ATP Decoupler and Cyanide, which is found in trace amounts inside of apple seeds. They tend to be great navigators and bear eggs with considerable ease.

They occupy Norn Slot Y.

Liam - Forced takeover of the project!!!
Moe - Images
Edash - Concept
GrendelMan - Genetics
Vampess - CFE Genome

You can download the Apple Norns by clicking on the banner above, or clicking here!

And by popular request, some pictures of the Apple Norns ingame:


  1. Very nice!! I love how they are so different looking in comparison to other norns. THE DETAIL!


  2. Nice! The colors are soft and they remind me of the skin of an apple. Very cute. :D

  3. it says forbidden when i try to click on it T.T

  4. The Apple Norns are now available here: