Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beneath the Canopy, and Other Old Stuff.

I’ve decided to give you all a little tidbit of my development history, hoping it inspires.

It feels like just yesterday I joined the creatures community.  Creatures Caves was the first forum--the first website--I ever joined.  The year was 2003, and though I had been playing Creatures since the age of 8, I had yet to step into the community. I had fiddled with 3D art for many years through a program called Bryce, and when I felt sufficiently good enough, I was ready to show my artwork and see if I could get it made into something!

That’s when I met Edash.  I started up a website on Geocities, god rest it’s soul, and uploaded some pictures.  I still have them laying around someplace, but most of it was lost when Geocities went down.  Suffice it to say, my artwork was quite bad, but for whatever reason, Edash was intrigued and wanted my help bringing his creations to life, as much as I wanted his help bringing mine. We struck an unofficial agreement: I would make his metaroom, if he helped me make my world (which I never got around to).  Edash sent me a picture of what he wanted his room to look like:

With Bryce and Paint Shop Pro, I stuck together some pieces and tried to create the room. Unfortunately, the file is lost, but once again, it was pretty bad…

Nevertheless edash was pleased, and I went to work trying to make a better room (he always rode me about my “perfectionism”, but I don’t know what he was talking about!)

My second attempt, finished towards the end of 2003 (with some minor updates due to file integrity corrosion), almost became the canopy! Indeed, had it not been for my discovery of 3D Studio Max, it would have been released, but it’s not really that bad! [Click For a Larger Image v]

After that, I started learning 3Ds Max, and towards the beginning of 2004, I had finished the canopy as you know it today. Smile

If you guys want more, I’ve got some pretty interesting stuff I can dig up. I know I’ll do at least one more post about my Norn, but if there’s anything you want to know about, ask.


  1. Would you be O.K. if we tried making that into a small room? We'd give you credits of coarse.